Revamp (Yorkshire)

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Walk Off x Pikes Peak x High Country
Bred by Taulman, IN

Housed at Showtime Sires

When working on this years Showtime Sires update, we made sure a strong set of Yorkshire boars was towards the top of the hitlist. We certainly think REVAMP along with his brother RENOVATE help us accomplish that!

- Reads like a generator of feature when you look at his skull, forearm, rear bone, dew claw spread, and tail root
- Broad and Shapley in his build up high and maintains actual base width to the ground being an opened up hog underneath coming and going.
- Current about the way he’s put together from the side— tall fronted, short bodied, and level & long about his hip with his tail root cranked high.
- Travels with comfort, staying very square from behind setting down on a stable rear foot — love the shape and spread of his rear toes.
-Just like his brother, he ties together all of this breeding hog value with the extra Yorkshire hair/shag that has become so popular

We are proud of our history around Yorkshires, Yet ultimately believe that the York boars we have in stud today are the best set to date!!