Ride Share (Landrace)

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Sire: Pay to Play
Dam: Hammer It Out
Reg # 158315004
Ear Notch 18-4
Bred by M T Heart Livestock
Housed at Purple Power

Reserve Grand Champion Landrace Boar 2021 SWTC- Mother was Champion Gilt SWTC ‘20- Littermate Gilt was Third Overall San Antonio Jr Show 2021- Littermate Gilt was Reserve Champion Texas’ Elite Showcase2021 Ride Share Is our purchase out of Belton where this one is different for his breed. He is neat looking with square edges up and still around rib cage. This pig couples hard to do things with in the breed that can make your landraces have the cutting edge for the show ring. It was undeniable when we logged into watch the landrace show that Susan and I both Text Chris and asked about this pig. Be different in getting landraces to have more upside edge with a killer look while maintaining a good skeleton.