Roots (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Next Level
Dam: Savior
Bred by: Grimm Genetics
Owned with: Thompson Brothers Genetics
Ear Notch: 8-6
Registration: 637223006
Housed at Upperhand Genetics

ROOTS is a yearling mature purchase from Thompson Brothers that they bought from Grimm Genetics. Having a great relationship with TBRO, we went through the first 2 groups of pigs in the slatted and showbarns, and after the second trip of loading almost all Roots sired pigs I worked on them for 2 weeks to get this stud bought. He might start off being known as the sire of Hunter Logue’s $50,000 Grand Champion Gilt Overall 2021 Expo Jr Show, but to be honest hold on because there are going to be lots of winners to come sired by this guy because they are incredible. They are great baby pigs and easy enough selling, but they feed like a dream and we feel are the kind that keep getting better are the RIGHT KIND AT THE END!!

Roots is a boar that is going to keep everything in check and can be bred to a bunch of females and just make them better and more consistent. He is a boar that is stamping that look from the side with extension up front, yet keeps body length in check. Big enough and long enough and feet and legs are incredible on these hogs. They are square at the knee and have an indestructible hip and hind leg. After talking to Broc and feeding some, this guy works on those moderate power sows that need more design, look, and keep hind leg in check. We are excited to own this guy and what can be done in the future for us and others with ROOTS!!!!