Set Free (Crossbred)

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Sire: Major League
Dam: Believe In Me
Bred by: Brockman Farms
Owned with: Hartzell Family Livestock
Ear Notch: 84-6
Stress Status: Negative

Set Free is our mature purchase from Brockman Farms in the spring of 2023 before the first crop hit the ground. Needless to say glad the deal was done before pigs were born. Austin used him at Brockmans and the pigs are impressive, and talking to others that used him and are rebooking is always a good feeling. Mother is a littermate to Emily Muehlstein Grand Barrow at the 2021 San Antonio Stock Show.

Set free is one that is as dense as you can make in terms of feature and bonework and a perfect hind leg that can bend and flex with a good hock. He is big about his forearm and has set and curvature up front. Still killer looking with a great head and neck. He has barrow making proportions with his length and frame size and still one that is going to make them heavy boned with the right angles. When wanting them burly, heavy duty, and keeping feet and legs in check, it’s time to SET FREE!!!!