Shadow (Cross)

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Dirty Secret x Verbatim x Roxy

Stress Status: Unknown, test pending

Housed at Heimer Hampshires

We are very excited to introduce Shadow & Reflection! When we weaned the first litter of Dirty’s out of 225-6, it was an easy decision to breed her back the same way – well before we experienced the wins at Fort Worth, San Antonio & the SE Regional. These two boars are the result of that second mating and the newly introduced ‘Ghost’ @ Premium Blend is a result of breeding 225-6 to Dirty Secret for a third time. Consistency at its best! It’s worth mentioning that in her first litter, 225-6 produced our best barrow at ’17 FTW that won the heaviest class of crosses and also produced T132 (and several keeper sisters) in her second litter. Beyond what is included in picture, Roxy and her daughters are responsible for several other boars, gilts and backdrop winners over the last couple of years. We BELIEVE in this sow, her sons and we are proud to share them with you!