Shaggin Wagon (Crossbred)

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True Intention x Safe Word 58-3 x Cat Daddy 12-9 x Midwest Monster 36-10 x Above The Rest 6-10

Stress: Negative

Cat Daddy 12-9 is the dam of the multiple time Grand Champion Breeding Gilt on the 2022 Cimarron Valley Show Circuit shown by Tyler Widener, Grand Champion Breeding Gilt at 2022 Powers County shown by Tyler Widener and Reserve Overall Gilt at the 2021 Union County in Ohio shown by the Luke Family. Midwest Monster 36-10 is the dam of Act Up, Black N’ Blue and several of our absolute top young sows right now and is the grandma of Hustler, Fore Play and Safe Keeping. She is the dam of the booted barrow that made some noise during the 2021-2022 Florida show season shown by the Peters family. He was Grand Heavyweight at the Florida State Fair, Grand Champion at the Jimmy Morgan Showdown, Champion Heavy Division Winner at the Clay Daughtery Classic (670 head Florida Jackpot) and finished in the Top 5 for Overall Circuit Points. She is also the dam of the Reserve Champion Overall Purebred at 2022 Weld County Colorado shown by the Steinkamp Family, the Grand Champion Barrow at 2021 Phelps County shown by Autumn Holt and the Grand Champion Overall Gilt at the 2021 Pike County Classic acJackpot shown by the Handy family. Midwest Monster 36-10 is the maternal grandma of the Champion Overall Light Cross at the 2021 San Joaquin AgFest shown by Gauge Goehring. Midwest Monster 36-10 has earned her place as one of our elite sows by producing both boars and females with proven generating capabilities. Above The Rest 6-10 was the Grand Champion breeding gilt at the 2015 Lancaster County fair and is a littermate to Slick Move - the $40,000 high selling crossbred boar at the 2015 WPX.

Shaggin Wagon is easily one of the best boars we have ever come across and to top it off he is 100% all natural. Zero feed additives, hair products, paints, adhesives or photoshop ever used. Shaggin Wagon is enormous boned and ultra-stout made. He’s extremely shaggy with hair bushier than the centerfold models in the 80’s. Shaggin Wagon is relaxed in his shoulder placement with extra extension and elevation through his front end. He comes at you with a huge square chest floor with toes pointed the right way. Shaggin Wagon has ton of top shape and muscle expression throughout. Structurally Shaggin Wagon is extremely square off both ends. We’re obsessed with Shaggin Wagon and breeding the farm to him. Shaggin Wagon is going to be shaggin more tail than Derek did in his prime.