Slaps (Crossbred)

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Quite Frankly x Honor Society x Dirty Secret x Outta Hand
Bred by/Owned with: C&C

Last fall there was one litter that stuck out to me more than any other. It was a litter out of Quite Frankly at C&C. There were elite show gilts and show barrows and there was one pig that was from a different planet. Just unreal in his build but the stoutest baby pig I’ve ever seen. I kept tabs on that pig and his litter waiting on sale day. They told me that “the one” was going to sell in the first round at Kings. That’s never a place that a guy can feel good about getting one bought but I braced Chelsea for impact before we got there. I was as nervous about buying that pig as any I’ve bought, I wouldn’t even let anyone catch me looking in his pen. We left Fort Worth that night with my pig. “Slaps” litter has continued to be impressive through the jackpot season including the Bunt gilt from She Sale that has been dominate across the state and a pair of mate brothers that have both gotten pieces of shows thus far. In person he is as intimidating of a creature as you’ll see anywhere. Bendy, big backed, and has enormous legs standing on big square toes. Austin called me a couple weeks after Kings and asked if they could buy back in on him to use heavily and we think that is great testament to their faith in him and his mom. We think an absolute big timer, if you know Slim, you know this one “Slaps.”