Sneak Peak (Landrace)

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Inside Track X Playing By The Rules

Bred by Adam Beck & Family Showpigs
Ear Notch 6-7
Registration # 165494007
  • Very good Landrace boar that fires us up!

  • A breed that has always had its place at ABF, and the quality of boar that we had always hoped to make!

  • Alongside Happy Hour, gives us a big time 1-2 punch to offer Landrace breeders!

  • Sire is the $55,000 Expo boar from 2021 that stands at Premium Blend!

  • Mother is a littermate to the 5th Overall Barrow & Champion Landrace from the 2021 Southeast Regional!

  • Grandmother is the piece we rebuilt our Landrace program with. She is a Paramedic from Ogle and is the mother of the Champion Landrace Gilt at the 2021 IN State Fair Jr Show!

  • Easily the best Landrace boar that we have ever made and is headliner quality!

  • Stout made and boxy built with an impeccable running gear!

  • Huge legs, big feet that motor with ease!

  • Body shape and mass that is pliable with great expression up high!

  • Balance and proportions taken to the extreme!

  • Give the Landrace breed a taste of what’s to come with SNEAK PEEK!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics