Snoopy (Poland)

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Woodstock X Black Mamba

Bred by & Owned with Corya Family Showpigs & Zeller Showpigs

– When we decided to add a Poland back into the lineup, we wanted one that we felt could make a splash!!!
– Corya & Zeller have been doing some very good things in their short tenure within the breed and when they said they had one we acted quickly!!! 
– The mother of Snoopy is one of the most impressive Poland females we have ever seen when she was named Reserve Champion Poland at the 2020 IN State Fair!!! 
– Grandmother comes from the mighty Stayton program and is the cornerstone for all the successes that Corya & Zeller have experienced within this breed!!! 
– Littermate sister to Snoopy was named 7th Overall Gilt & Champion Poland at the 2022 Breeders’ Cup and cracked the Top 5 Overall when they showed her in Ohio this winter!!! 
– A unique kind of Poland boar that is sleek and stout!!!
– Sharp headed, long necked, and level made!!!
– Short bodied and shapely backed with good turn and pliability to his rib cage!!!
– Heavy boned and big chested one that is square from behind!!!
- Sound footed and long tracking in his step!!!
– Be clever and sly as you climb to the top of the doghouse with SNOOPY!!!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics