Sober Up (Landrace)

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Sire: Lombardi
Dam: Timings Right
Bred by: Sam Malcolm Family
Ear Notch: 5-6
Registration: 166979006

Sober Up is our lone Landrace purchase for the 2023 season and one that hit us hard when we saw him. He is from Sam and Micah Malcolm and have stuck plenty of banners up in the Landrace ring. Sired by the Lombardi boar that we had and lost too early and hung lots of banners for his short time. We gave him this name because we feel that he will work on the successful Happy Hour line and so many more Landrace lines.

Sober Up is one that is impeccable in his build and design with extras in terms of bone and feature. Starting at the ground he is monster legged, huge footed, angles of his blade are good, and uses his hind leg with flex and reach. This guy offers great breed character in terms of length of face and ear and is one that opens up square coming and leaving while being up on his pasterns. The Landrace ring keeps getting better and better and can get others involved with ones that look like SOBER UP!!!!