Southern Gentleman (Chester)

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Sire: Custom Made
Dam: Overturn
oused at Southern Superior


What an impressive individual Southern Gentleman is! You won’t find a Chester boar that rivals his combination of height of shoulder, density and boldness through the center part of his body, and comfort and flexibility off both ends! This boar absolutely dominated the Chester show at Duncan, it wasn’t even a contest, and those that were there will attest that this creature ran away with it. 

We were absolutely stoked when we asked about the ancestry of this guy and uncovered he was a direct daughter of the Alderson family’s Champion Gilt over all breeds at the 2018 San Antonio Jr. Gilt show. I got to see that female show, and can easily say she’s one of the most impressive Chester hogs I’ve ever see. Even more impressive is the fact that this boar’s grand-dam was the Armstrong bred Triple Crown winner (World Pork Expo, CPS Summer Type Conference, Indiana State Fair), having been named champion at each of these events. The genetic value you here is real; there have been countless banners hung in the last three generations of this pedigree. Southern Gentleman offers a unique opportunity to make winning barrows, boars, and gilts that have the pieces and genetics to win at any level of completion. We are excited to own this special breeding boar, and can’t wait to see his offspring at the backdrop.