Spread The Word (Crossbred)

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Sire: Here I Am
Dam: Vendetta
Bred by: Cozart Family
Owned with: Tru Genetics/The Stud
Ear Notch: 14-1
Stress Status: Negative

Spread The Word is our mature purchase from The Stud in Texas and was bred by the Cozart Family. First crop of these we got to see in Texas at baby pig sales, then called Kelton and got some juice and absolutely loved and still love the pigs. We partnered with Tru Genetics to get this guy landed in Indiana. Big time move for us and we feel will work on so many current crossbred lines and get hind leg movement put back in them. 

Spread The Word pigs are very unique looking, easy to spot, and should be easy for judges to get excited about. High headed offspring with unmatched look and length of neck with great pastern set, angulation, and set up front. Level and correct toplines and still squareness underneath coming and going. Maybe the most impressive thing about this dude is the way he fixes a hind leg and makes hogs that can drive, flex and reach behind without any of the short stepping stuff we are fighting in the ring. If want to make them powerful, good looking, and flexible, then SPREAD THE WORD!!!!!