Stamp (Crossbred)

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Sire: Major League
Dam: American Made
Bred by: Team Sloan
Ear Notch: 128-6
Stress Status: Negative

Housed at Upperhand Genetics


Stamp is our purchase from the 2023 Top Shelf sale from Team Sloan and was an awesome litter of pigs. His mother is a littermate to the Grand Overall Barrow at the 2022 MO State Fair Open Show and one that anyone who has seen, seem to love. We have worked on stepping up our white and light cross game up and this guy we think can do that with a crazy look.

Stamp has looked like this whole life and is wild looking from the side with a head and neck set that will make anyone turn their heads. Opens up with a huge back, crazy shape and muscle in the right length of body and yet still has length of hip. He comes at you with a look at me look being square and wide and leaves you with width and stifle shape and a perfect hock. He is up on his toes and pastern set and super mobile and flexible up front and a hind leg works the way it needs to. Make Light Crosses, Southwest Whites, or just Crossbreds in general killer looking with true muscle by getting STAMP!!