Step One (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Big Step
Dam: Light This
Bred by: George Watson
Ear Notch: 7-6

Registration: 647258006
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

Step One is one of the purchases from George Watson in Kentucky. After he called us to get semen on Big Step and Baby Step, we told him we want to come see his litters because we thought it would work. Honest, we were totally wrong in our thinking because not only did it work, it was absolutely a HOME RUN!!!! Step One is what we dreamed up when you think of the Big Step look with the power and stoutness of the Watson firm. He is a boar that started out good and finished out to be one incredible individual that can and should cover a bunch of females!!!

Step One is a boar that we are very excited about and feel can make a big time splash not only in the showring but looks like the kind of hog that makes those generating females. He is awesome looking with added stoutness starting at his head, big feet, and real heavy boned. He is great in terms of pastern set, so flexible up front, can plant and drive behind, and leaves with an incredible hind leg. Still a hog that is impressive up high with shape, power, and right proportions. Many want to make winning Yorkshire hogs and it can be made a lot simpler with taking STEP ONE!!!!