Street Fight (Spot)

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Riot X Lampoon 

Bred by & Owned with Corya Family Showpigs
Owned with Jeff & Brenden Peters
Stress Negative
Registration: 176685001
Ear Notch: 40-1

-Very good boar that we are excited to add from the 2021 STC!
-Mother was highly successful show gilt in 2019 that caught piece of division at Springfield and won class at Indy!
-Unique specimen in how he combines heaviness of structure and look on an athletic hind leg!
-Enormous legs and big feet that plant square and true from behind!
-Sharp look to his head and neck that is extra trendy!
-Big round body shape that is expressive up high!
-Ideal color pattern to be dual purpose for Southwest customers!
-Rumble your way to the backdrop with Street Fight!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics