The Reverend (Crossbred)

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Sire: 20/20
Dam: No Mas
Housed at Southern Superior

We weren’t planning on purchasing another boar prospect as we shopped for showpigs later into the fall, but the opportunity to own “The Reverend” was one we couldn’t pass up. One of the absolute densest boned baby pigs we’ve ever seen! This guy truly has a monstrous ankle, and is so correct in his use and angulation to his lower joints. The Reverend is unique in his front skeleton as he’s extremely tall fronted, yet laid back and comfortable in the slope to his shoulder. We love this guy’s skull, power and natural width of skeleton. He’s a moderate framed boar that doesn’t sacrifice look, or build to achieve extra power.

Perhaps the most intriguing fact is that his pedigree is unique, but potent. The Revered is sired by 20/20 at Premium Blend (Hidden Secret x Bone Thug) and damed by a truly elite young female at Blount’s who’d be a littermate to the Grand Barrow at the 2020 Alternative show. We are confident that The Reverend will throw a wide color variety as well as quality. This boar will see use on some elite sows by Breeders that know how to win barrow shows. Get in early on this one!