Top Hand (Berkshire)

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Top It Off x Wildthing
Bred by: Barn Burner Genetics

Top Hand has a chance to be one of the truly special ones in the Berkshire breed! I took a trip to Colton Blehms last fall looking for crossbreds but was blown away with a litter of berkshires that I found. They were so complete and so different looking for Berkshires I knew I had to have one. I bought a mate brother to Top Hand that night and sent him to Texas where he has been champion or reserve every time out, another mate brother in Florida has won more Berkshire breed titles than we can count and been Grand or Reserve overall a couple times. Colton tells me he has two more litter mates that have won Berkshire breeds so far as well. What I didn't know that night is that I hadn't seen all the litter yet. Colton called a month after the sale and said “I kept one I think you need to see.” It took me about 3 minutes to ask what he cost and he was on his way home. I've never seen a purebred Berkshire as unique headed, yet short bodied and heavy boned as what he is. With all that, he is as good in his skeleton as you could ever ask with a long loose hip. His mother is a second litter sow that made the Champion Berk at California State Fair in her first litter and then hit it out of the park here in her second. Top Hand has incredible color and so did his mates, we think those are traits that certainly will pass on. The response on this pig has been as good as anything we have ever messed with and I can tell you if you plan to use him, you better get it booked. I don't know if there's another one in the industry like him right now and we have extremely high hopes for what he can accomplish.