Top Notch (Hereford)

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Ear Notch: 5-2
Registration#: 579460002
Bred by: and owned with Grady Genetics

Housed at Southern Gold Sires

I can’t thank Cindy and everybody at Grady Genetics enough for the opportunity to bring this proven powerhouse stud to Southern Gold. If you want to use one that the guess work is already taken out of, then jump on board and get a piece of Top Notch. You don’t have to wonder if he will make winners because he has proven he will make champions. Top Notch is one of the tallest fronted boars I have ever seen. He is good on his feet and legs, and has plenty of power going away from you and coming at you. He walks around with an awesome cocky, show ring attitude that demands your attention. I don’t need to say a whole lot here. All you have to do is look up what he’s already done for the breed. I doubt there has been any single Hereford that has won as much as he has and still has not been used to his full potential. We are going to use this guy hard here at our place. We feel that his history of winning and his special place in Hereford history is proof that he truly is Top Notch. This guy’s legacy is just beginning.