Trick Daddy (Crossbred)

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Tricked Out X Never Before

Bred by Cantrell Showpigs
Owned with Beyers Farms, TX
  • Incredible addition from the 2022 Perfect Timing Sale!
  • An awesome weanling prospect in the fall that has matured into a monster!
  • Sired by the legendary Tricked Out and out of a Never Before sow, that was an open purchase from Heimer!
  • Comes from an exciting litter with several mates on feed destined to be competitors at the major stock shows this spring!
  • Impeccable proportions when it comes to frame size and body length!
  • Short backed, round bodied one that is tall fronted and still long necked!
  • Giant limbs for legs with huge paws for feet!
  • Great length of stride to his skeleton that hit square off each end!
  • The right kind of muscle and three-dimensional look that it takes to generate elite offspring!
  • Trick Daddy is one of our favorite new crossbred boars that we have ever added and by response we have had from visitors, he is going to do big things….LET’S GO!

Housed at Crossroads Genetics