UFC (Yorkshire)

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Sire: Knockout
Dam: Big Step
Bred by: Hendrickson Family
Ear Notch:19-4
Registration: 651534004
Housed at Upperhand Genetics 

UFC is our off the farm purchase from the Hendrickson Family. He has been a standout from the start with a loaded pedigree. Sired by Knockout, and he has had an incredible first season making winning barrows and gilts at all levels. Mother is a littermate to the $55,000 pair of boars that Hendrickson sold at Des Moines in 2020. Grandmother is a Platt raised female that they showed in 2019 and one a very unique breeding piece and she has done a killer job generating and offers some of that hard to come by Cobb blood.

UFC is one of the most barrow oriented Yorkshire sires that we have laid in lately and one that offers that unreal look, balance, and one that is still busted open off both ends. He is great headed and long necked with a strong and level topline. Drives at you with width and leaves with a ton on power. Shape up high and carries that shape and muscle down his stifle to the ground. Monster boned and huge feet with that hair and bulkiness that is bred into him on both sides of the pedigree. If you want to put up a fight and make some winning Yorkshires, then get in the ring with UFC!!!!