Van Gogh (Cross)

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Tricked Out x King Of the Hill x Never Before x Eclipse
Raised by: Spence Showpigs
Owned with: Keplinger Farms

Stress: Negative

High Selling Male-Never Too Early Sale
Grandma is one of the famous Never Before x Eclipse sows @ Tres Amigos

***disclaimer we decided against sending the picture off to make his legs look smaller without apology. He’s not perfect but this pig is extremely stout. Strong pasterns, extremely square, and about as dense of a center skeleton as you will ever find. His pedigree and visuals would suggest length of hip would be a protection point but good luck finding a bigger legged, broader built one, that’s got cage, body shape, extra feature, and hair. His legs have been abnormally big since he was born, and probably to my biggest surprise was that his bone continued to grow with him throughout life. Quite honestly they almost look a little gawdy at his size, with the size of his hind leg and abnormal amount of hair he’s always had. The Never Before x Eclipse sow is from Tres Amigo Showpigs and if you’re not familiar with that sow family and what they’ve done for this industry you’ve been missing out. This pig should also help in generating some extra WDA, appetite and growth have always been a positive on Van Gogh.

Housed at Beaman Show Stock